Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Job Scope FAQs

i. What’s the job scope of an intern?

An intern will be exposed to the complete business cycle of a project; involved in business development, tendering, site visit & evaluation, system design, software development, database management, site execution, and administration work.

ii. What are the fields of work?

Involved in System Integration, software development, and procurement (hardware & software) management.

General FAQs

i. What can i expect from interning here?

  • It will be a challenging internship where you will be pushed to your limits.
  • The sky is the limit; the amount of knowledge and experience you will gain is a function of your initiative.
  • Fun and creative working culture.

ii. Will I be working in a team or individually?

Both. Some bigger projects involve several people in a team while smaller projects are handled individually. While the seniors provide guidance, there is no “spoon-feeding”, and interns are expected to be resourceful and confident enough to carry out their tasks.

iii. Is training provided for interns?

Yes. OGSP and BOSIET are a must. Further specialized training is conducted as and when necessary.

iv. Will an intern be doing office or site work?


v. Will I have an opportunity to go offshore?

Yes. Many interns have gone offshore.

vi. What are the benefits offered?

  • Medical covers outpatient treatment.
  • 1 leave day is earned for every month of work.
  • Travel and expense claims (as per company policies).

vii. What are the working hours?

  • Company practices flexible working hours. As a guideline (8am-5pm, 9am-6pm or 10am-7pm)
  • Working days are Mon-Fri.

viii. Is there a monthly allowance?

Yes. RM1,000/mth + performance bonuses.

ix. What kind of intern is the company looking for?

Someone with a positive attitude and good communication skills.

If you have further questions contact us via the contact form or email us to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.