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Consurv Technic has been involved in petabytes worth of data extraction and mining from plant facilities over the last few years. Our team of data analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) has the cpability of cleaning data, sieving through and prepairing the raw data for further analysis.Creating and managing data warehouses and data lakes on prem or on cloud are our core competency.From here on, our data scientists and SMEs work hard in hand to develop algorithms and deep learning models to help clients make sound decisions in both green and brown facilities development and operations.Consurv has also embarked in Edge Computing, a powerful tool to process Big Data at site. Learn more about Edge Computing with Intel.


Many a times, our clients share their problem statement with us. Whether it is as simple as creating a (front end) reporting dashboard or as complex as optimizing the operations and production of a refinery, Consurv is able to build and implement customized digital solutions for its clients.

One of our differentiators is that we not just an IT company, but an engineering IT company, having the domain knowledge of the industries we serve. Our team is from a diverse background, comprising of Chemical, Petroleum, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, along with programmers and data scientist. 



Integration of multiple systems (e.g SAS, DCS, SAP, CMMS, PI) is key in operating facilities and companies efficiently and effectively. Consurv has installed, commissioned and integrated multiple systems for Oil & Gas and utility clients. Consurv is also a certified SI for OSIsoft.

The team also has experienced in System Architecture, developing blue prints and implementing them. 

Consurv has also supplied IT hardware (servers, HPC, etc) and software for more than 10 years.

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