Vinesh Puvanaendran

My internship here at Dyna Segmen was just a mere 15 weeks. This short but sweet internship period here had instilled me with soft skills that cannot be found on university grounds. The internship here is all about project management and handling people effectively. The flexible working hours practiced here is an added advantage. However I do find myself arriving at the office at 7 am just to get a job done in time. I had to work independently as there is minimal guidance provided and zero spoon feeding. I learnt that if one were to screw up, they have to be answerable for their mistakes and choices. This made me to be extra careful when dealing with matters such as costing for a project and also the technical details for a project.

The people of Dyna Consurv are the reason why my internship period was memorable. From Nas, the ever well-informed GM to the engineers whom I have gone on site visits and worked with on site such as Gray, Adib, Amir. Not forgetting the site supervisor Abang Man who is the most knowledgeable person on site when compared to the engineers. Then there are the pretty ladies of finance, Linda and Jannah. Azfar who has a heart of gold and also En.Zihan and Fik. Next is Fuad who is the main man of Consurv with a peculiar sense of humor.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to boss, Mr.Faiz for taking the chance with me for the opportunity to be a part of his company without going through an interview. I also would like to thank Sundara Pandian who underwent an internship here for putting in a good word for me. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

To the fellow interns that was here with me like Armenio, Khairul, LeRoy, Pot & Thiban , I would like to thank you guys for the help and guidance during my first month here. Next to the current interns, I wish you all the best in your remaining months here in Dyna Consurv.

Last but not least, best wishes to all of you lovely people at Dyna Consurv and good luck in all your future undertakings.



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Vinesh Puvanaendran
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