Thiban Ananthakrisnan

Firstly I would like to thank my supervisor, Mr. Faiz Hussin who gave me the opportunity to undergo my 8 months Industrial Internship Program at Dyna Consurv. He guided me throughout the internship by bringing the best out of me and at the same time ensuring that I gain as much knowledge as possible.

The working environment of this company is very flexible and Dyna Consurv is a small family that works together to serve the Oil & Gas industry in Malaysia. Being in Dyna Consurv also opened a lot of prospects to me; I met numerous people especially during exhibitions and meetings and I also learnt how to multitask well. I have been very lucky to be part of this family and undergone so many projects throughout Malaysia which has helped me develop myself as an engineer.

Here, I would also like to show my heartiest appreciation to all Dyna Consurv staff Nasrul, Adib, Rozihan, Amir, Syafiq, Fuad, Tidja, Syadiqin, Dilla, Fik, Azfar, Linda and Jannah for helping me and also for being supportive to me throughout my 8 months at Dyna. To my fellow interns, Rahj, Aisyah, Leroy, Putera, Razi, Claire, Izzati, Armenio, Vinesh, and Khairul, it has been great working with you guys.

Once again, thank you to Dyna Consurv for this awesome Internship experience and I will always cherish the moments that I had during this Internship.

Thiban Ananthakrisnan
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