Yusri Yusuf

When I wrote this, I already completed my
internship at Dyna Segmen. 32 weeks passed by like a blink of an eye. It felt
like just yesterday I was made a part of Dyna family. Really miss those days at
Dyna, especially playing cards after 6.

It was kind a hard for me to get use to the
jobscope and people at Dyna as slowness to adapt to new environment had been
one of my weakness. Well, no matter how bad you are at the starting point,
you’ll manage to be great if you have the motivation and patience to improve
yourself. And that’s what happened to me, in the end I was able to do my job
with no worries when it comes to Monday weekly meeting(first couple of months
cuak glerrr). Phewww…

I would like to express my gratitude to Boss,
for accepting me to do my internship at Dyna. I apologise for mistakes I made
throughout my internship period. And umm, thanks for being patient with my
tongong-ness. Hahaa… Boss, rase mcm ade hutang Boss KFC jer. Takpe2. Nanti
blanjer. Nasrul, what can I do whithout you bro. You save my ass lot of times.
It was really great working with you. Job in Kerteh & Kapar would never be
interesting without you around and making fun of Mugillan’s poor skill in
playing PES. Not to forget, Fiza. Sorry for troubling you so many times with
the documentations. Hope your coming baby will be good in health. To the other
interns, thanks for your support and help. Really appreciate it. Can’t went
through intership without your guys company.

I hope, urmm…. Dyna Segmen will be great and
prosperous in future to come. With all term contracts & projects Dyna
having now, it will be very soon Dyna gonna make it big. One day, who knows if
Dyna would be listed in Bursa Saham Malaysia. Really looking forward to that
day. So interns, do your best to win big contracts and projects.

[testimonial]Yusri Yusof, Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Yusri Yusuf
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