Syazreen Zainuddin

After 32 weeks went through all the tasks and challenges here in Dyna & Consurv, I had great opportunities and experiences on what the oil and gas industry is all about especially as a vendor. I also obtained opportunities to be involved in so many business projects like Schischek, which I never expected before.

I love the working culture in Dyna Segmen with all the happy-go-lucky staffs which made me happy and energized each day. At first, it was really hard for me to accept that I am going to do sales all the way during my internship period. But after all, I took it as a challenge and did it well. Other than that, I also gained meaningful experience by participating in exhibition especially in Singapore, weekly meeting as well as by involving in some of the site visits.

The appreciation goes to Mr Faiz H. Hussin for his great leadership, support and knowledge. Also, for giving me this opportunity to do internship here. I learned so many new things and changed a lot. The gratitude is extended to Nas and Fizah for their advices, experiences shared, understanding, continuous help, opinions and guidance from the beginning of the internship program until the end.

Finally, the testimonial is considered incomplete without thanking my fellow (Ima, Yus and Kalai), friends and family who have been giving great support and encouragement for me to complete the internship program. Thanks for all the memories and I really treasure every moment in Dyna & Consurv. Dyna & Consurv are the best in my heart, always!

[testimonial]Syazreen Zainuddin, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Univerisiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Syazreen Zainuddin
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