Siti Yazimah Hasmadi

Siti Yazimah Hasmadi
Business Information System
Univerisiti Teknologi PETRONAS

I’ve been working with Dyna Segmen for about eight months and the first time I arrived here, nobody at the office. Why? because it was Sunday . I strongly believe that spending my time in Dyna would be very helpful for my future and career. I have heard about this company from the seniors who were here before and I am very happy that I made the best decision to be in here.

Personally, in Consurv it has amazing and fun working environment that is unbelievable! I do learn loads of things that never thought in class such as business management, problem solving etc. Being in Dyna Segmenopens a lot of prospects to me; I meet numerous people around the world especially during exhibitions and meetings. The most remarkable experience is when I get the chance to go to ‘oversea’ and open my eyes to see the real world. Thank you boss!  I do love company trip where we gather as one big family.

The best thing about Dyna is that having extremely friends and attentive staff who always made my day. Thank you to Mr. Faiz H. Hussin, my supportive supervisor who never gives up guiding me in every single step, Mr. Nasrul Annuar, indeed a good listener for me whenever I feel stressed with workloads and to ask about his opinions, he is the right person, Ms Hafiza my beloved supervisor who assist me in doing most of my projects and always have wonderful stories to be shared. Again, thank you very much for your never-ending support and guidance. It is a great pleasure to have ‘uols’ around me.

To my colleagues, Reen, Yus and Kalai, you guys rocks! To newbies, Anif, Eja, Mugi and Angga, wish you all the best! And my last word, believe me, you won’t regret being part of Consurv and Dyna , and I really would like to come back again boss.

Siti Yazimah Hasmadi
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