Siti Noor A’tiqah Binti Manan

I, Siti Noor A’tiqah Binti Manan, the student of University Technology PETRONAS
as well as a Muslim, would praise the God for His blessings and guidances
towards me in this whole life. Also, praise for Him for blessing me to go
through the Industrial Internship Programme successfully at both companies,
Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd and Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd.

appreciation from me to Mr Faiz Hussin, Managing Director for accepting me as a
trainee for 32 weeks in this company and to be my best role model. I have
learned a lot from him especially to be a tough and committed person in real
working life and also in our real life. Without the awareness that given from
him, I think I will keep on to be someone that not confident with myself. I
also want apologies, because I bring lots of problems to this company since my
father was ill and always on leave.

of thanks to my Accountant Supervisor, Ms Hafizah for guiding me tiredlessly
during my training. She has taught me a beneficial knowledge in accountant as
well as database. I have shared a wonderful experience when I working under her
and I feel very fortunate because I got supervisor that very tolerance. Thank a
ton to Mr Nasrul Annuar, Dyna’s Project Manager that has helped me a lot in
order to handle tenders and manage problems that occur during the tender

but not least thanks to my colleagues as well as trainees at Consurv Technic
and Dyna Segmen, Mr Kamil, Mr Rafie and Mr Azizi for the supports either
directly or indirectly. Not to forget, the new comers, Mr Adib, Mr Azlan, Mr.
Yahya and Ms Hazilah. Thank you for all your support.

conclusion, it has been a pleasure to work with all of you with full support
and cooperation. I am very sorry for my mistakes, misunderstandings and
anythings that come out bad from me and I regrets it. Once again, thanks to you

[testimonial]Siti Noor A’tiqah Binti Manan, Information System, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial_wrap]

Siti Noor A’tiqah Binti Manan
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