Shafiq Hafizuddin Abdul Aziz

“PCFK CCR Renovation Project is your baby, you must take care of it”. The quote always give me goose bumps whenever I remembered it after 28 weeks internship in Dyna Segmen. I will always remember the first ever outstation with Mr Faiz and Mrs Yazimah to PCFK Kick Start Meeting. I was on the way to Gurun and boss asked me, “Do you bring the PO?”. I was like… what is PO actually? I checked all the documents and I cannot find any PO. When boss found out I did not bring the PO for the project, straight away he screamed at me, “What’s the point we are going to a meeting without any PO!”. That was my first ever experience being screamed at besides my parents. That is life in Dyna Segmen.

My second experience that I could not forget is after the Kick Off Meeting in PCFK. After having the best ever fried duck I ever had, we stopped by at the side of the road to eat some durians. We only ate two to three durians and we continue back our journey home. I was driving and suddenly I started to burp in the car. It was the ‘nicest’ smell I produced after a long time. I always have a gassy stomach problem. I continued to burp all the way back from Gurun to KL. I can sense that boss was really pissed off at me. At one time while he was sleeping, he woke up just to tell me to stop doing that but unfortunately, no one can control their stomach. Sorry boss for the unpleasant smell.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staffs in Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic. To Mr. Faiz, I would like to thank you for all the guidance and the advices during my 28 weeks of my internship here. “Don’t let people push you around”. I will always practice this principle in my life. To my Project Manager, Nasrul, you have been the best Project Manager I ever had and thank you for all the guidance and fun experience we have been together. I will always remember the time we went back from Bekok-C by boat. 8 hours in a boat was no fun at all. Lastly, to all the staffs of Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen, have fun working here and thank you for the enjoyable working experience in the office and sites.

To wrap up my internship experience, Dyna Segmen will always be in my heart. Dyna Segmen shows you the important point in order to work and become a successful person in the future. Once again, thank you to all for the unforgettable memories.





Shafiq Hafizuddin Abdul Aziz
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