Ahmad Safwan Abu Bakar

My internship at Dyna Consurv was the best moment of my life. The moment began during the interview session at UTP where I met boss, Mr Faiz Hussin, as well as Yazimah and Raju. It was a memorable and a very unorthodox interview session. Well actually, the whole internship was a memorable experience especially during all the site works that were held at Tanjung Bin, Pasir Gudang and Serdang, where I experienced real working life at site. Not to mention the whole tendering processes, contacting suppliers for quotations, clients for details, submission of the quotation itself and some other things that really gave me a whole new perspective of the real life working environment. I used to have the perception that a proper career life means having 9 to 5 working hours, free time during the weekends and leisure hours at night, but life at Dyna Segmen have changed that all. I have embraced the truth that once I enter my career life, I have to properly plan my life and foresee the outcome for every single action that I take. Fail to plan is planning my own failure.

Thanks again to boss, Mr Faiz Hussin for giving me the chance to join the wonderful family of Dyna Consurv, with all the dedicated and passionate staffs – Nas, Jihan, Adib, Linda, Jannah, Dqeen, Gray, Dilla, Amir and Puek. Not to forget, all interns from the previous season – Syafiq, Chong, Raju, Siva. Aaron, Haziem and Indra, my batch – Tira, Eju, Ashraf, Sundara, and the younger interns – Ecah, Rajh, Mahes and Ketat, thank you for all the helps and supports that you gave. To my besties, Gray and Dilla, good luck and thank you for all the joys and happiness.

Ahmad Safwan Abu Bakar
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