Ong Say Wee

Ong Say Wee
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Univerisiti Malaya

24 September 2011 was last day of my internship training program in Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen. It has been 17 weeks I worked in this company. It was definitely a wonderful experience to have my internship in this company and I learned a lot things.

When I was assigned to this company by my school, I viewed the company profile. I started to worry how I can survive through the 17 weeks internship training program and also how to communicate with other races. However, after few weeks in this company, I found out that they were very friendly and warmly, we were just like a family. I was surprised that I could join the company trip after 4 weeks only I joined the company.

About the job scope in this company, I was attached to RFID & IT department. In RFID department, I had to handle the RFID sensor tag project which was funded by Cradle. Throughout the project, I learned a lot of things from Mr. Faiz and Mr. Daud in how to conduct a research project. However I feel little regretful as I did not have chance to involve in technical part since my internship period is too short. Sometimes I needed to handle some tenders, I found there are other skills that I have to master such as communication skills besides technical knowledge.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staffs in Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen. To Mr. Faiz, I would like to thank you for your guidance and the advice, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. I will always practice this principle in my life. To MR Nasrul, you are funny and active. I cannot believe that you are 34 years old. To Miss Fizah, very thank you for your patience and willing to help me in account issues.

Finally, I would like to ask forgiveness for mistakes and fault that I unintentionally done. Had my internship in this company was a memorable duration and I hope I could meet you all again in future.

Ong Say Wee
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