Ng Tong Wu (Aaron)

“Hello, is this Ng Tong Wu? Do you know you are supposed to be here for your interview now at the Registry office?” a lady with a stern voice said. This is the sentence that greeted me when I answered a call that woke me up from sleep. I don’t even know who is the interviewer and just rushed to the interview room, at the same time, doubting that it’s a prank call.

What’s waiting for me in the interview room was even more surprising. After a few minutes of chit chat about my IT knowledge and experience, the interview turned into an interrogation of my personal and love life. And miraculously, I was asked to join Consurv by the end of the 10minutes interrogation. I still don’t know whether my IT knowledge or personal/love life makes boss thinks that I am worthy to join Consurv.

During my internship with Consurv, I have learned to not only become a system admin and technical support, but also a site engineer for Dyna Segmen, delivery guy(PPE), party planner, project manager, and many more. The real life working experience gained definitely worth much more than the knowledge gained in lectures.

I would like to express my gratitude to boss for giving me the opportunity to grow with DynaConsurv. I must extend the appreciation to everyone at DynaConsurv for their helping hand and please forgive me for all my faults and unintended racist insults. Well, more than 6 months of working experience at DynaConsurv has seen many staffs coming and going, Zaza, Fatin, Ima, Aliff, Kalai, Alia, and Isaac. This is the culture of DynaConsurv (not to forget racism in the company). Don’t be sad that we are parting but cherish the moments that we have spent together. Hope that when our path cross again in future will see that we have grown into a much better person. My sincerest “thank you” to Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen.





Ng Tong Wu (Aaron)
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