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Hi all,

First and foremost, let me express my gratitude to all staffs at Dyna for letting me
have the experience of doing my internship at Dyna Segmen Sdn. Bhd. and Consurv
Technic Sdn. Bhd. Especially to Mr. Faiz, you are a good role model because of
your coolness and how calm you can be when facing problems. To Mr. Nasrul, you
are a fun guy and also good and reliable friend. Thanks for your guidance all
this while. To Ms. Fizah, thank you for all your help. You will always be
remembered. To Mr. Sohpian, the wise guy, thank you to you too for your word of

During my internship here, I have learned a lot of new things, engineering related or
not. At Dyna Segmen, the environment is just right to learn a lot of things.
The never ending tenders that I handled gave me a new learning experience every
time I started on the new tenders especially the soft skills that I never get
to learn through books. Maybe some theories from the books but to actually
acquire the soft skills, some practice are needed. The numerous site visits
that I went to also thought me a lot of things. I was able to look at the Oil
and Gas industry from a perspective of contractors.

The best moment and most memorable is when Mr. Faiz asked me to go offshore to do a
major diesel engine overhaul for 10 days. I felt happy, excited and nervous at
the same time. It is a dream of all interns to get a chance to go offshore. Well,
I never been there, and I need to go alone the first time and my biggest
worries is that I have to go there as an engineer, not an intern. I need to
carry real responsibilities there since I went there as an engineer. However,
all went well and I made few friends there.

To conclude my Internship experiences here at Dyna Segmen, I can say that Dyna
Segmen offers a fun, adventurous and a real working environment. My internship
at Dyna has been a blast. To any new interns who read this testimonial, believe
me, you are in the right place. =)

[testimonial]Muhd Rafie, Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Muhd Rafie
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