Muhd Azizi Wahidi

It’s a long road to be a successful person in this world. Honestly,
been here for eight month is part of the journey to become a successful person.
I still remember when Mr Faiz asked me why I want to do my internship at Dyna
Segmen and now I realize all the answers given to Mr Faiz is not really related
with what I’ve done in Dyna Segmen during my internship period.

It was a really great experience to be part of Dyna Segmen
although it was only for eight months. I’ve been through a lot of challenges
during my internship period. The most difficult one is where I need to adapt
myself in a new place which is Kuala Lumpur where a very strange city for me.
But, in Dyna Segmen, we are like a family. We work together, sometimes we lunch
together, we share our childhood stories and they make me feel like home. Those
are really out of my expectation and I really appreciate and thankful to Mr
Faiz for the opportunity given to me.
Technically, for this past eight month I was an engineer
work for Dyna Segmen. Frankly speaking, it was an unbelievable thing ever
happen to me. I was trained to be an engineer where I have my own business
card. As one of the engineers in Dyna Segmen I’ve been assigned to several
tenders that related to my scope of studies which is Electrical and Electronic
Engineering. The tenders need to be handled until it completed. To tell the
truth, I really amaze with the way of Mr Faiz handle this company. He is a great
boss. He knows how to give order and at the same time he will guide his staff
how to do it.

Before I end my word,
I’ve something to say to all my officemate. To Boss, Mr Faiz, thank you for
being very understanding and all your advices will remain in my head forever.
To Mr Nasrul, thank you for the history lessons, at least now I know what
Catalonia is. To Fizah, thank you for your cooperation all this while. To Mr
Sohpian, thank you for your guidance and advices.  Lastly, I wish all the best for all of you
and I would like to apologize for all my mistakes. Hopefully we will work
together again in future.

[testimonial]Muhammad Azizi Mohd Wahid, Mechanical, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Muhd Azizi Wahidi
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