Lim Kian Yap (Isaac)

First day, I spent some times in finding the location of the office, I walked from the beginning of the row until almost the end of the shop lots then only I noticed a small board written – “Dyna Segmen”, thank God, finally..

The guys I met in the first morning were Shafiq and Aaron, they both looked so serious and we just kept silent and wait for the others. Finally Ima and everyone came and she settled down us and briefly explains everything to us and my intern life began.

As told by the other staffs, our batch of interns is the first batch which has no overlapped with the previous batch of interns. Which mean we have to learn everything from zero and discover by ourselves, however I appreciate kind assist and helps from the others and also understanding from Mr. Faiz. In this 4 months of internship, I felt like I was in a big family where different races and beliefs have set no different between us, we are in a big family where everyone has their own role and responsibility. The best thing is caring from colleagues and Mr. Faiz is sincere and heartwarming.

Nevertheless, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Faiz, you are a nice boss. You are good and generous to us and I had learnt many things from you and Dyna. I appreciated and I believe that could be useful in my future. Thank you boss!

Lastly, I would like to thanks to all my funny colleagues and Dyna brothers! I miss you guys and all those lame-YOLO-racism jokes (if you know what I mean~)





Lim Kian Yap (Isaac)
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