Hazilah Hamzah

Joining Dyna Segmen has been, what can I say..
One of the best decisions of my life!

Since joining
Dyna Segmen in December 2009, I have truly experience what it means to be an
engineer and a “business woman”.
What strikes me the most about all these experiences is that Dyna Segmen and
Consurv Technic has
supported me every step of the way.
The millions of projects I did has enabled me to experience multitasking and
time management. I won’t forget my first experience going Offshore which was
truly awesome!.. unless you’re seasick haha

A Million thanks
to Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic for giving me this opportunity to perform my
internship here. Mr Faiz, my cool
supervisor and Mr Nasrul have provided a mix of knowledge and resources to help
me work through challenges. Over here, it is not about finishing the internship but it is
about having wonderful working area with helpful staffs.

We work hard, we
play hard!

I was really
excited when I first came here except for the freaking stairs!(lift plz) 😛
My peers, Adib, Alan and Yahya have been
supportive no matter

How” busy” they are. Not to forget all past
interns who taught us

a lot! To new interns,Reen,Kalai,Ima,Yus and
Ong take this

opportunity to learn and face some challenges.

Wish u all the best!

[testimonial]Hazilah Hamzah, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Hazilah Hamzah
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