Mohammad Farhan Mohd Zain

Internship with Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic has given a life changing experience that I will never forget. Before I came to Dyna, I have a little knowledge and interest on working with oil and gas field. To be frank, I was surprised to see the size of the company and the number of people that runs it. Added with Faris from Petroleum Engineering, who supposed to take the internship with me in Dyna, withdrew after the first day he came to the office. Later then I had to learn so many things at once and been given a lot of task without a proper briefing. It was a very rough week and even made me having the intention to withdraw as well. Fortunately, I did not. Week after week, it became clearer that the opportunity Dyna had given me is very huge. First, I learned about the basic knowledge of a tendering process, later the project servicing execution, and then the most exciting part is the hands-on projects. Not many companies offer an intern or a trainee to do a hands-on work, but in Dyna, there are a lot of opportunities for it.

My other experience that I wanted to share is taking a BOSIET course and went to offshore alone for a week with no preparation and a short brief on the project during my second last week of attachment. It was a thrilling experience where I had to pour all the knowledge that I have learned during previous hands-on project with my project manager and applied it at that time. I have to manage my time properly, talk to important people such as OIM and CSR, and went out alone to the platform refers only to the P&ID given for surveying 22 pipelines. It was one of the best experiences in my life that has improved me a lot. I became more confident and bolder. Not only that, in office has thought me many things as well, such as technical knowledge about oil and gas instrument, services and many more. Other than technical knowledge, internship with Dyna has also enhanced my soft skills. I had to talk to the client from local and international background and even had the chance to meet them personally.

Other than line of work, Dyna also provided me with an awesome holiday trip. I had the chance to go oversea not once but twice. Besides that, the colleagues have been truly helpful and supportive in work. Nasrul, the project manager has thought me many skills involving technical and soft skills. Boss, Mr Faiz showed and guided me to be more confident and firm on what we stand. Not to mention Nautiss, Sofia, Bella, Fiza, Nadia, Sol, Elina, Jeff, Amir and Zaza who have given their full support on whatever issues I am facing. I am truly appreciate and thankful for what they did and I would like to wish for their future contentment. In conclusion, Dyna is a wonderful and remarkable place for a student to take their internship with because of the exposure and experience they offered is truly enormous.





Mohammad Farhan Mohd Zain
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