Nurfatin Ezzuni

Undergoing industrial training for almost 7 months at Dyna Segmen was the most memorable experience for me. Handling three Purchase Orders at the same time made my life miserable. I cannot describe the feeling when I was given the trust to handle projects and tenders. The company trained me as a real engineer. They took risks when they gave me a project in Labuan. It was a heavy profit project. The tasks were very critical and high risks as it involved company’s money and reputations. But I did my best and I am glad that I was able to cope with all the challenges and solved it in different ways. These experiences helped me to become more mature in handling problems and improved my soft skills when dealing with clients and contractors. The most important was the exposure that I had raised the level of my self-confidence and excellence in work ethics.
In Labuan, I was exposed to work with foreign senior engineers who came from the US, Romania and Holland. It was awesome I must say. I fully utilized the chances that I had when working with them by grabbing as much knowledge as I can. To become a successful person, one must have backup plans and one should prioritize the right thing first. Those are the two gold advices that I received during my industrial training and I believe that they are applicable to all. So that is how successful people isn’t it?
Therefore, I would like to convey my special gratitude to Boss for giving me the opportunity to work here. I am glad to be here and I feel lucky for all the advices given. Thanks for helping me. I appreciate it and I apologize if my performance did not achieve your expectation. You are the best boss in the world.

Nurfatin Ezzuni
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