Chong Yew Por

I see that you have stumbled upon this testimonial in the first morning at the office, probably because you are curious of what the past interns did and had to say about this company, or you are just too free because there is no job has been assigned to you yet, or most importantly, you are probably trying to judge the company and see if you have made the right choice for the coming several months of your life.

I did not start well in the first week of my internship here in the company. A tender was assigned to me on the first day the deadline was 3 days away. Needless to say, it was chaotic. Quotations received and costing was done in the very morning of D-Day, related documents were prepared just 30 minutes away to 12.00pm. (Note: The deadline of PETRONAS tender submission at KLCC Tower 1 Level 9 is always 12.30pm for all weekdays except Friday, which is before 12.00pm. Newbies like me didn’t know until the lady at PETRONAS reception told me so.) With not much time left, I have to prepare the paperwork on Mr. Faiz’s car. We reached KLCC in 5 minutes from office so you can imagine how the cutting and pasting was done on the car, I was lucky for not being the first one to puke in KLCC while submitting a tender.

While Boss Faiz wants us to avoid the cliché of having the same old stories told on the wall, I cannot help myself but to thank all the people in the office namely Mr. Faiz, Mr. Nasrul, Mr. Rozihan and Mr. Adib. Thank you for all the guidance and enlightment given during my time with the company. I wish the best of luck to everybody at the office in their future endeavors. To the new interns, enjoy your day here at Dyna Segmen and I assure you that it is one of the best internship environment you could get in this country by far, if not the best.

Let’s hope that the next time we meet, the company would have been publicly listed on the main board and everyone’s living a good life.





Chong Yew Por
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