M. Ashraf

Dyna segmen is like a learning institution leads by the big boss Mr. Faiz. This institution offers you tremendous soft skills as well as technical knowledge that trains you to become a well-rounded graduate. Other than that, the support given by the staffs drives you to success. It depends on you whether you have the courage to go for it or just to remain static.

The first day for me to receive the Qatar’s task was unforgettable. I told myself that “I can do it, and I should make it happen”. On the 5th of January 2013, our dream had come true when we managed to win the bid offered from Qatar and thus we penetrated the Middle East market. Nas, Shafiq and I did our best in order to set good reputation for Dyna Segmen as a high achieving oriented company. I hope that this project will be the pioneer project for future In Shaa Allah.

Spending my 28 weeks at Dyna was somehow a terrific stay for me as I felt that I had annoyed the big boss with thousands of questions especially during the first few weeks of my industrial training. However, this unique boss is hard to find as he never failed to open the learning doors for me eventhough I kept on popping in front of his office’s door. May Allah bless you boss. Other than that, each and everyone of the staff in the company has their own unique character’s signature that I should mention like Nas (the dedicated), adib (the optimistic), Amir (the different), Azfar (the easy-going one), Zihan (the big brother), Jannah (the affable), Linda (the friendly one) and Dqeen (the exuberant).

Dyna Segmen Boleh! Are you up to the challenge?

M. Ashraf
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