Ahmad Kamil

From bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude
to Consurv Technic Sdn Bhd and Dyna Segmen for being my host company. Thanks
for the opportunity and trust that they give to me to become one of internship
students here. It all began with simple pieces of resume and straightforward
interview. Few weeks later, I received the offer letter from Consurv Technic
with full of excitement. I swear on myself that I will try myself to perform
the best that I could in order to satisfy the every single need of company.

Now, it comes to the end of my internship, I feel sad very
when I recall all the memories start from the first day I am here.  My special thanks goes to all staff (Mr. Faiz
Hussain, Mr. Nasrul Annuar, Mdm. Hafizah and Mr Sohpian) and my fellow friends
(Azizi Wahidi, Rafie, Atiqah, Adib, Azlan, Hazilah, Yahya and Yasha) that help
me a lots while facing some difficulty and cheer me up when I feeling down.
Thanks all for being my special friends as most time we spending together as
part of family.

I also would like to thanks Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen
as given me lots of experiences and knowledge that is valuable for me. Also I
want to show my gratitude for Consurv Technic and Dyna Segmen for changing my
attitude and way of thinking in becoming a better person, the person that is
more responsibility, hard work, and independent.

At last, I would like to ask for forgiveness if I made
mistakes and fault that I unintentionally done.  I wish for the best for Consurv Technic and
Dyna Segmen for the future.

[testimonial]Ahmad Kamil, Mechnical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS[/testimonial]

Ahmad Kamil
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