System Integration

Integration of multiple systems is key operating facilities and companies efficiently and effectively.

Consurv has installed, commissioned and integrated multiple systems for Oil & Gas and utility clients. We are also certified SI for OSIsoft. The team has experience in System Architecture, developing blueprints and implementing them. Other than that,  Consurv has supplied IT hardware (serves, HPC, etc.) and software for more than 10 years.

SAS Visual Analytics ( SAS VA) is a tool that enables us to conduct extensive data analytics by integrating various sources of data. This is a great way to ensure that all decisions made are more data driven.

Having state of the art equipment onshore and offshore is vital in making sure that the performance is no way compromised. At Consurv, we can help you to upgrade your current architecture to implement new hardware and system that could work on previous architecture that is in place.

As the new age of Internet emerges, the importance of cloud services such as servers, application and desktop virtualization, networking and cloud computing has risen. The oil and gas industry are no exception as well. By utilising Citrix Systems, Consurv is able to deliver your cloud services comprehensively,

Sigmafine® is an enterprise-class software for process and manufacturing industries that Transforms Data into Digital Assets.

Consurv has partnered with Pimsoft Sigmafine which is a model-driven, advanced-analytics, enterprise solution that transforms raw data into digital assets through validation, reconciliation, and conditioning techniques to minimize uncertainty and drive actionable insights. Sigmafine combines process knowledge, engineering principles, and statistics to maximize the quantity, value, and quality of information extracted from disparate data sources and sensor-based data regardless of the industry or the use case.

Production Accounting, Inventory Monitoring, Process Optimization, Materials & Properties Tracking, Energy Balancing, and Utilities Allocation are just some of the business mandates across all process industries that Sigmafine and our most recent web-based addition, SigmafineHub®, can serve to close the last mile between data and actionable insights in a digital manufacturing environment. Sigmafine sits at the crossroads of streaming data and events with several business functions such as planning and scheduling, stock valuation, compliance reporting, supply chain optimization, etc.

Sigmafine implements a centralized framework and infrastructure to organize and automate data validation, reconciliation, and conditioning activities. Sigmafine is scalable, ranging from models representing a simple unit operation to a production unit, a complete industrial plant, a business unit, a utility transmission, and/or a distribution network. It can also be extended to support advanced industry-specific analytics.  Sigmafine is the foundation for the development of a sustainable data quality management practice for streaming data and events.