Mohd Noor Shawal
University: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Course: Information Technology
Internship Period: 3 months

Alhamdulillah, that is the word that I am going to start for this testimonial. Thank god, I got a chance to meet all the wonderful and kind people at DynaConsurv. Since it was my first internship experience, when the first day I came in, I was so worried huhu because I used to watch a lot of dramas or movies where internship are being bullied by the staff hahaha.. But my first day being at DynaConsurv until the moment I write this testimonial, I haven’t felt that way even at a single of time. All of them are like a family and treat each other like a family. If we are confuse about something, they will teach us patiently until we really do understand about something.

Alhamdulillah also, from this internship experience also I got to gain my knowledge not only on IT-field as I am majoring in it, but also I got some basic knowledge on how are actually Oil & Gas industry working in Malaysia. Other than that, I also got to met a very superb IT-expert at Consurv which is Abang Fuad. He really taught me a lot of thing especially on basic knowledge of some programming language that I haven’t learned at my university. Also, a day before our hackathon competition, he also gave us a simple but superb idea to face the hackathon the next day as our team (Afiq, Kak Wanie and me) were discussing about what we are going to presents at the hackathon.

The best experience at DynaConsurv also, I got to meet a very talented Data Scientist, Kak Aqeelah. Through her, I got to explore some software like PI AF, Cisco, and also I got some basic knowledge on how to handle and sort data in excel as I am very bad at excel because I rarely used it. Also, Alhamdulillah got to meet a very experienced person like Boss and Nas really taught me on how to be a good leader. They are not just bossing around in the company but also ‘turun padang’ and teach me a lot of thing. They also really-really ‘turun padang’ when we are having a futsal or badminton, they played together with all the interns and staffs. This is the best way to make sure our bond in company is in a good and positive way through sports despite management level.

Again, Alhamdulillah got to meet all the other interns and staff which is all are a good people from the moment I knew them until today. They are just so kind and humble, thank god haven’t being bullied even once hahaha Thank you semua!

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