Sundara Pandian Perumal

Sundara Pandian Perumal

Mechanical Engineering


Curtin Universiti Sarawak

“Just grab the opportunity for you’ll never get the same learning experience and working atmosphere anywhere else”

Honestly, the chance to intern at Dyna Segmen has to be the best thing has happened to me. It was a dream come true upon receiving my letter of appointment as I had always wanted to work in the oil and gas industry. My time here of 18 weeks is relatively short compared to the other interns who could commit for almost 32 weeks. Nevertheless, the workload was still the same, there was never a free day and yet, it was still an enjoyable and eye opening experience. The stress was still there-mind you.

In Dyna, my job description was rather vast, and it sort of kept growing by the week. From documentation to painting flanges, right up to lifting 3metre long concrete roof legs at high noon – you name it, we’ve done it. It was all a learning experience, and I’m happy I was able to do all the fore mentioned. I’m happy to say that I’ve brushed up my soft skills, adaptability and problem solving skills. What I love most about Dyna is the fact that we are required to handle and execute our tasks independently and professionally. From Day 1, we are required to be proactive and ready to accept whatever task is shot at us. But don’t take it in the wrong way, everyone here is willing to extend a helping hand whenever necessary.

My most memorable experience would be Dyna’s pilot project in Petronas Penapisan Melaka, crude tank profiling for Tank T7101. It was a whole new experience working with our principal supplier, ITS from UK. We were initially faced with a tirade of challenges that never seemed to end, so much so that I almost thought we wouldn’t get to meet the deadline. But in the end, we still managed to get the job done two days in advance. The whole experience opened my eyes to be ready to face all kinds of setbacks, persevere and not give up until the end.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Boss, Mr Faiz for giving me chance to be part of this- as he puts it “DYNAmic” company, as well as all the tasks and projects he has assigned me to, helping me learn, and improve myself in many ways. Not forgetting Nas, Adib, Shafiq(Gray), Safwan, Athirah, Fuad and Ezzuni for their constant help and guidance whenever I required them. I’m truly grateful for all the acquaintance ‘ve made, and that we’re more than just colleagues at Dyna.

For all you prospective interns out there, if you get a chance with Dyna, my advice to you : Don’t think twice, just grab the opportunity for you’ll never get the same learning experience and working atmosphere anywhere else. With a heavy heart I end my internship here, but Dyna will always be close at heart, for this is where my career began.

Sundara Pandian Perumal
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