Zarith Sufia

All praise due to Him, the most merciful for giving this opportunity to successfully complete my industrial attachment with Consurv Technic (M) Sdn. Bhd and Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd for a period of 28 weeks. I am glad to express my utmost appreciation to those who have helped me throughout my practical training. Special acknowledgement to Mr Faiz H. Hussin, Managing Director of Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd.

When I was about to start seeking for the placement of the industrial internship, I was promised to myself to find the company that would really immerse me in the real working environment as I am confident not all company will treat trainee as part of their family.

In UTP, we have only one semester for the student to fully utilize the duration to absorb as much of the knowledge and experience. I would say that the decision to choose the company for our training is crucial for the betterment of our study as this is the only period that being allocated to us to apply the theoretical knowledge that we learned during our study.

Personally, the very first day of my internship was a hectic day. I have been assigned to continue some of the projects of the previous intern and it was so challenging to cope with the current status of every project. I need to fully understand what the project is all about and who I need to contact pertaining to the respective issue that occurs during the execution. To be able to handle these projects, time management is really important. We have to segregate and prioritize the workloads in order to be multi task person. What makes the situation getting harder is that, I am a new comer and I don’t know who I need to refer regarding to some matter occurred.

Surprisingly the environment of the office was not as what I expected! The staff and trainee were so closed and there is no double standard applied in the company. Whenever I face obstacles during the execution of the project, they would lend their hand to help me or giving the ideas on how to solve the problems. Thank you to my supervisor, Managing Director of Consurv Technic, Mr Faiz Hussin who always put trust to me to execute the project which I believe not all company will take the challenge to give the opportunity for trainee to handle the company’s project. My gratitude to the Director of Consurv Technic, Ms Nur Hafizah who always being a good listener and encourage me to be confident to handle some issues and Mr Nasrul Annuar, the Project Manager of Dyna Segmen who always have brilliant idea on how to win clients’ heart and be professional in handling the problem occurred.

As a conclusion, I enjoyed my industrial internship as it equipped me with the knowledge that never being taught in the university (integrity, respect others, being multi task person). I fully utilized the industrial internship period as I believe if I feel tension and pressure with the workloads, it proves me that I am working and learning. Not only doing training

Zarith Sufia
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