Sivanesan A/L Santhasudi

Let me tell you my seven months of amazing adventure at Dyna Segmen. Entering Dyna Segmen is a life changing experience that became an eye opener to the new world, the working world.

First week went peacefully but the coming weeks we were given plenty works we never expected to do in our seven months internship. My most unforgettable job I have done is executing PDB Melaka project along with my colleague, Haziem. Pressure and workload was immense and I was wondering if I can still handle it. Dealing with different types of person from different agenda and countless of problems to be solved. Even though we faced a lot of stumbling blocks and hurdles along the way, we managed to successfully completed the project.

After completion I came to realization we are the ones that set our own limit and actually we are capable of reaching more heights than expected. Working in Dyna Segmen have thought me to push our self beyond the limits. I would like rejoice my memorable moments at Dyna Segmen. My biggest gratitude to Mr. Faiz for guiding us throughout the seven months of internship. Also not forgetting Mr. Nasrul and Mr. Adib for providing technical and social knowledge that would be useful in future.

Finally I would like to express my heartiest appreciation to Dyna Segmen family for helping me to cope with issues and making me feel at home during the seven months journey. Joining Dyna Segmen is a decision I never regretted and I am glad I made the right choice.

Sivanesan A/L Santhasudi
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