Siti Nur Sabrina Amran
University: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Course: Computer Science
Internship Period: 3 months

Practical Training, or internship, is a compulsory subject to take to complete my diploma studies. I am extremely grateful that I got accepted in Consurv Technic. To start, I sent my resumes to many other companies before Consurv Technic in hopes of getting accepted for internship. I waited and waited until it was 4th of January. My internship should start on 6th of January. I was panicking for none of the companies I sent my resumes to wanted me, probably because I’ll be interning for only two months. I was so close to giving up and accept that I will just have to do my internship a lot later and watch my friends graduate before me. My friends encouraged me to keep looking, and then I found Consurv Technic. My boss, Faiz Hussin interviewed me through the phone and by some miracle, I was accepted. I am extremely grateful to my boss.

Interning at Consurv Technic means I had to learn new things. I had to do website developing and learn about the industry. I had zero experience. It was challenging and I was struggling because I am a slow learner. However, I wasn’t left alone to figure it out myself. I received help from the people here and I am very grateful for their guidance.

 As this internship was challenging, it was also fun. My internship here was not what I had expected. I imagined it to be either boring, or too serious. I didn’t expect the people here to be so nice and friendly. The other interns and staff were outgoing and it made my internship days to be something I look forward to. I also didn’t expect that I, an intern, would be joining the company trip. The company trip was very eventful and tiring, but memorable and made me closer with the others. Leaving so soon is my only regret. I will wish this company luck and to stay amazing.

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