Raissuddin Bin Abu Bakar Nas’ Sha’ Aban

Muhammad Raissudin

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

During my 32 weeks attachment at the company (Consurv Technic & Dyna Segmen), a lot has happened. There’s so many great experience and lessons learned, which I will never forget.

The boss, as cool and friendly as he is, have helped me a lot in developing myself to become a future engineer and entrepreneurs which have always been my dream. Together with guidance from wonderful officemates (Mrs. Fizah, Mr. Sophian, Mr. Nasrul, Mr. Hairani, Mr.Sada, Mr, Huzaifa & Mr. Djamal) and not to forget the new interns, I really did enjoy my internship.

I considered myself very lucky to experience internship at the company because I get to go for site projects, handling tenders, communicating with people from different background, going for trainings and much more. My enormous gratitude goes to the boss and his staff for being very helpful and patient in guiding me along my internship period.

I hope the company will do well and continues to grow to become the biggest company in Malaysia and the world, insyaAllah.


Raissuddin Bin Abu Bakar Nas’ Sha’ Aban
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