Putera Nazreen Shah

During my interview, I told Mr Faiz Hussin that the reason I wanted to join Dyna Segmen is because, although I’m an engineering student, I wanted to get my hands into the business side of oil and gas because one day I would like to start my own company and I think Dyna Segmen is the place to learn. Despite what I said, Mr Faiz still took me as one of the interns at his company.

After 8 months working in the company, I believe I had made the right decision. During my internship, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, not only on the engineering side of the oil and gas but also on the business side of it. I get myself involved in things like bidding in tenders and on site duties. I also experienced getting involved in business meetings and meeting big shots in the oil and gas industry such as the Directors from Velosi Malaysia.

Besides that, Dyna Segmen has awesome work environment where everybody is very helpful and willing to offer a hand if you need it. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to my supervisor, Mr Faiz Hussin, and all the other staffs, Nas, Zihan, Fuad, Fik, Adib, Grey, Amir, Jannah, Linda and Azfar because without their help, I wouldn’t be able to gain as much knowledge and experiences as I did.

On top of that, Dyna Segmen staffs also have a good bonding where we occasionally had an office outing where we had activities such as paintballs, badmintons, futsal and the best of all was the cruise trip to Krabi and Phuket. In conclusion, I gained more than I initially expected throughout my internship! Thank you Dyna Segmen!

Putera Nazreen Shah
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