RFiD Solutions

Consurv Technic collaborated with ActiveWave Inc. to provide active RFID solutions to our clients.  Different from conventional method, Consurv’s RFID solutions provide an automated, less complicated, less costly and reliable strategy for Access Control, Asset Tracking and Inventory   Control.

Conventional Access Control method is dependent on security guards or surveillance camera which could introduce flaws in the system. With our RFID system, cost and time could be saved, other than to eliminate these flaws.

Traditional Inventory Tracking involves the use of barcode. The equipments needed are often complex and costly. The barcode system is limited by the line-of-sight, close distance and clean, undamaged barcode labels. With RFID tags, inventory tracking can be automated and done remotely.

One of Consurv’s projects involved in developing RFID solutions for a Petrochemical Plant to track personnel inside their plant to ensure safety and security.