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“The best part of being in the company is you are being treated as a real engineer not as intern compared to other companies.”

It’s been 3 months in Dyna Segmen for my internship training what can I say it’s the most unforgettable moments as well as a lot of challenging and thoughtful experiences that I’ve been going through during my training period. First and foremost I would like to say Alhamdullilah as I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in the company (Thanks to En Faiz H. Hussin) and being introduced widely to the oil and gas industry which I can say that I have no clue at all before this besides the general knowledge of getting the oil from the surface of the earth.

Wide scope of work involved during training such as handling the whole process of a tender, opportunity to go on an onshore site visit as well as field work, attending seminars and not to be forgotten all the office work involved. Which I can say you will acquire technical as well as non-technical knowledge during the training. By having a great leader (En Faiz) and supportive team surely helped me a lot in going through some of the challenging part during training such as handling the first tender and attending my first briefing which involved professional in the industry. These expose me well towards a real life working environment for my future which I’m sure you will too if you join Dyna Segmen.

I really had a good time and enjoy working in this company especially with the family working environment and include activities (Family Day to USS) to bond the team members. Last but not least, I would like to say a million thanks to our big boss En Faiz, project manager En. Nasrul and all Dyna Family involved during my training, En Adib, En Aliff, En Solihin, En Rozihan Cik Zakyah, Cik Yazimah, Cik Dilla and Cik Fatin. I wish all the best to Dyna Segmen and good luck for all your future undertakings.

Nur Alina Binti Tajaludin
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