Nur Aisyah Nurhadi

First and foremost, a big thank to Allah for allowing me to go through my internship experience in Consurv Technic and greatest appreciation to boss, Mr Faiz Hussin for accepting me. Yes I know it is not easy to get in here and the tasks given were not as easy as other interns were doing out there. I had a lot of sweet memories with colleagues in Consurv Technic. The support that I received, the knowledge that I gained, the skills and lesson that I learned made me feel very blessed to have them throughout my journey.

The joy and fun throughout these seven months were the best moments I had in my life. Boss, Fuad, Syafiq, Adib, Nasrul, Kak Dqeen, Tidja, Amir, Linda, Jannah, En Jihan, Azfar, Dilla and internmates Rahj, Leroy, Razi, Thiban, Claire, and Pot were people who cheer my life. They were wonderful workmates as they never failed to support and made the company alive.
I was excited to go to site visits since I had never had the opportunity to experience it before and I always wonder when my time will come. As a BIS student, the chance to go to site visit is a not-to-be-missed-experience and the first site visit I went to was at Tanjung Bin Plant together with Project Engineer, Amir. The unforgettable moment was when our hotel rooms were rushed by Jabatan Agama Islam and I never expected such ‘surprise’! Thanked God nothing happened. The incident and the experience during the 4 days site visit was one of my valuable memories in Consurv Technic.

Lastly, Consurv Technic is the best platform for those who want to gain knowledge and experience before going to real working life. The choices given to you should not be wasted as you will never get it in other place. Seize the moment and catch your dream!

Nur Aisyah Nurhadi
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