Nornadiah Hamrie

I had my first official office meeting on the first day of my internship with DynaConsurv. I introduced myself and was asked by Boss to imitate Australian accent which I badly failed, we had good laugh now and then during the meeting. I thought to myself, with all these informalities, this could be fun! Well, I was wrong. Honestly, working at DynaConsurv was not really rainbow and sunshine. At DynaConsurv, pressure pushes you. Just like the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Being in a company like DynaConsurv allows you to engage with the works, not just the technical part but also the administration part. I can guarantee that we, the interns are now tougher and better individuals towards the end of our internship period. Working at DynaConsurv has surely painted new memories that I could dearly have. The most unforgettable memory working at DynaConsurv was when Nas, Nautiss and I went for a site visit in Petronas Fertilizer Gurun, Kedah. The journey was all pleasant. Once we entered Gurun, I could feel the heat. No wonder the place is called “Gurun”! Wearing the PPE made me sweat like an open pipe. Wearing ankle length socks aggravated the situation as the boots cut my ankles. Still, I did not complain. I did not want to be a cry baby. Plus, I wanted to experience this, we were then taken to the leaking pipe. Looking at the height I almost hfainted, one of the things I’d like to overcome in life is my acrophobia. I did not tell Nas and Nautiss and climbed up anyway. I’m glad I did and I learnt a lot from Nas and Nautiss.

My heartiest thank goes to Mr Faiz who did not spoon-feed me, and allowed me to work real hard for the knowledge. I thank Nas for the never ending patience he has shown me throughout my internship. If there’s one thing I learnt from you is your work attitude. You have never ever answered “I don’t know” to my questions. Thanks to Adib too for all the help and guidance.

Nornadiah Hamrie
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