Noor Shita

Noor Shita Azizan
University: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
Course: Information Technology
Internship Period: 8 months

My year kicked off with my industrial training when I reported as an engineering intern at Consurv Technic Sdn Bhd and in the blink of an eye I have completed my 32++ weeks here. This journey has been filled with ups and downs but it would have been almost impossible to complete without the help of certain individuals.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for their unwavering support and motivation they have given me to face the real challenges in life. All the lesson passed down by them certainly made me a stronger person.

Boss, Managing Director of Consurv Technic have certainly played a very big role in my making my internship a wonderful experience. I am grateful as he showed his confidence towards me by choosing me into Consurv and not forgetting all the guidance, encouragement and all his efforts to make us, the interns and the staffs to come together as a family. I am also very thankful to Puek a.k.a my SV here and Anwar (former staff) for all the help and knowledge they gave me. At the very beginning, I never thought that I can survive 8 months here (because I knew that I am not the choice candidateL). I afraid that I can’t managed my days here. Luckily, time by time I managed to do all on my own. My first week has been given task by Puek to do a website and the following weeks is doing HR apps. It is a tough work for me as I am a ‘business’ student. However, I managed to learn a lot during this period and learnt about PI as well. Thank you Puek and Anwar!!! My big applause to the other permanent staffs of the company, Nasrul, Amir, Cik Jihan, Mummy Linda, Umi Pain, Daddy Vin, Jane, Abu, Azfar, Zayne and others as well for their full assistance and advices. Next, my shout out goes to my ConsurvDyna Family where everyone has each other back. We work together and also have fun together. I am blessed to come across them in my journey as all them have different knowledge to be passed unto me. I am grateful for this beautiful friendship I have made throughout my time here. To all the staff of Dyna and Consurv Technic and the interns, thank you very much. I will remember all the memories and experiences that we shared together.

Noor Shita
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