My first experience with Dyna Segmen’s staffs were very entertaining and something that I could never forget. Let me start on the very first step where I got accepted to be interviewed and in the middle of it, they were having a fire drilling session. All the staff were having a joyous time, and I could see how close they are with each other while me on the other hand was in a midst of confusion mode. From there, I just knew that I would have a blast being an intern here. Well I gladly would say my decision was true, and in fact it was a memorable 3 months.

I could never forget how I will get anxious every Monday for the annual meeting but preparing beforehand with each detail on the task were so therapeutic in a way that it helps me going for the day instead of feeling the Monday blues. Truth be told, the anxiousness will fade away in the following weeks as I can see that Mr. Faiz Hussin (The Boss) was actually giving us, interns an opportunity to participate in the meeting as to broaden our understanding towards the company’s business and give variety to ideas. Next, I am truly grateful to Nas for your full guidance, support and advice throughout my session. Furthermore, I would like to bid my appreciation to all the staffs who were always willing to give me a helping hand since day one. It is a blessing that I get to work alongside brilliant people coming from different backgrounds and personalities. Apart from that, I really do cherish every time when it is lunchtime. Of course, the food played a major role, but those conversations between the staffs were hilarious and I just feel like a part of a big family. Lastly, I am so thankful to all fellow interns for your unwavering support and encouragement in good and bad times. Dyna Segmen is definitely a place for growth and assistance to mold talents in the Oil and Gas industry.

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