Nithiaraj Krishnan

My journey of 9 months with Dyna Segmen was indeed unforgettable. I cherish every seconds of it till this moment. A token of appreciation is not enough for the overwhelming guidance and assistance offered. Apart from knowledge and wisdom, I have gained vast experience through each and everyone in the company.

Under the autocracy of Mr.Faiz Hussin, I have learnt the true definition of discipline and commitment. I wish to thank him for planting the leadership quality within me and for the trust he had on me. His guidance and leadership throughout the 9 months assisted me in further development of my engineering knowledge and communications skills as well as my ability to implement individual projects and function as a contributor on various team projects within the company.

Boss, you taught me “to think out of the box”. Thank you very much.

Mr.Nasrul Annuar @ Nas, you have been an awesome general manager, a very good teacher, supportive team leader and a best friend. You inspired me in every way and I really owe you big time. The word ‘thanks’ is not sufficient to show my gratitude to you.

Bro, thank you for being my black brother 🙂

I also would like to thank the entire Dyna Segmen team and the Sept 2012 Internship batch and the current students for taking the time to share their expertise and knowledge in related fields. All the senior staffs were very responsive to my doubts and always made me feel I am one of them. You all have definitely molded me to be a better engineer and a better man in future.

Last but not least, the people in Dyna Segmen have been like a family to me and ostracism from a family is hard to endure. I am going to miss all of you but I will definitely make a COME BACK 🙂

Sincerely, Niithiarahj Krishnan

Nithiaraj Krishnan
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