Nautiss Vijayakumar

My sincere gratitude goes to Dyna Segmen, for allowing me to pen down the ups and downs of my industrial internship experience through this testimonial. Industrial internship in UTP is designed for a lengthy 28 weeks, where students are expected to gain industrial experiences before pursuing their final year of degree. As a Petroleum Engineering student, it has always been my intention to gain as much experience as possible in oil and gas industry.

For me, it was all started on a fine Friday morning, when I attended a one to one interview with Mr. Faiz. Right after the interview he took me in as an intern here in Dyna Segmen. Thoughts after thoughts were running in my mind, have I made the right decision? What if I never get to learn anything? Looking back at those moments after seven months I was here, I could only smile and be grateful to God for guiding me into the right company.

Here in Dyna, Mr Faiz will bring the best out of an individual. Personally, the pressures that I’ve been put through during this internship have thought me well on how to multitask. If you are worried that you’ll be stuck in office this entire internship, then worry no more my friend. Tonnes of industrial experiences are up for grabs here in Dyna. I must say those industrials experiences have greatly given me the exposures to the industry that I will one day work and thrive on. Guys, people usually come and go in your lives but a certain some will always have a special place in your heart. Dyna is made up of a small family that not only work together but also takes great care of each other. I’m very fortunate to be part of this family and they all have that special place in my heart always. Thank you guys for being supportive and for being there whenever I need your guidance. Here, I would also like to thank Nasrul for tutoring and guiding me throughout the site works as well as office works. To be honest, he is a person with great patience that put up with all my errors during my site works. Thanks Nasrul, you’ve been a great teacher to me. To my fellow trainees, Fauzan and Farhan it’s been great working with you guys. To all new interns out there, good luck guys and all the best, you’ll never regret joining DynaConsurv. To all our DynaConsurv staffs, thank you for your guidance and endless support. Here I am now, completed my seven months of fruitful internship, all thanks to DynaConsurv.

Nautiss Vijayakumar
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