Nabilah Taib

First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to DynaConsurv for accepting me as part of company. Thank you to Mr. Faiz for giving me an opportunity to learn and be familiar with industry before my real future working environment. Thank you to all staff to support and helping me in order to sustain the company objectives.

During the interview session, Mr Faiz clearly mentioned ‘’Consurv Technic is just a small company but you definitely you will learn a lot.” As for me, I am more interested on how much I will learn through out 7 months of internship rather than how big your host company is. Honestly, I prefer small company to pursue my internship because of the working environment and the workload. Maybe some students like to become a part of multinational company but most of them complained because the top management put them only in small discussion and tasks due to confidential and lack of confidences in them.

In contrast, I, myself handled from A to Z and from small project to big project which involved big companies such as Petronas, MTBE, Shell and others in Consurv Technic Sdn Bhd. Thank you to Mr Faiz who has confidence on me to manage company’s project through out the internship period. He never gave up to advise and gave a though whenever I got stuck in the middle of project execution.

Other than that, I had an opportunity to attend OGSP training which usually only involve Engineering students. From that training, I learned and observed the working environment in plant and the safety.

The most excellent experience is during working travel to MTBE, Gebeng with my supplier for a few days. Even though, it was a first met between supplier and me, due to professionalism, we managed to work smoothly and our clients were fully satisfied with our performance.

As a conclusion, I guarantee that every intern will not regret to choose Consurv Technic Sdn Bhd as your host company to build up your skills and personal characteristic.

Thank you.

Nur Nabilah Md Taib

Business Information System

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Nabilah Taib
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