Muhammad Faqrurazi Yunos

Dyna Segmen is the right place to gain experience of real working environment as engineers. It also provides great chances to polish our soft skill capabilities.

Every intern in Dyna Segmen will be treated as real engineers. This means you are not just as an intern but as a worker of the company. The first time I received my business card, I talked to myself, “This is cool, I’m an engineer”. Besides, the working environment at Dyna is very interesting which is different from normal working environment at any other places and very conducive for young workers.

I gained countless experience throughout my internship period. I was assigned to various tasks like attended meeting with suppliers and contractors, and even the clients made me feel like I am a real engineer. “Sweet and sour” memory when handling projects taught me a lot. Those experience increases my level of maturity and self-esteem.

Praise to God for giving me the opportunity to do my internship here in Dyna Segmen. My greatest gratitude goes to Boss, Mr Faiz and all cool staffs. Thank you for your guidance and advices. Feel happy to meet you all and I am sure this is just the beginning of those.

Muhammad Faqrurazi Yunos
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