Internship with Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic has given an extraordinary ordeal that I will always remember. Before I came to Dyna, I have a little learning and enthusiasm on working with oil and gas field. To be honest, I was astonished to see the extent of the organization and the quantity of individuals that runs it. Including with Imran who joined Dyna for internship as me, was pulled back after the first day he went to the workplace. Later then I realized that I needed to learn such huge numbers of things immediately and been given a great deal of assignment without an appropriate preparation. It was a harsh week and even made me having the expectation to pull back too. Luckily, I didn’t. Week after week, it moved toward becoming clearer that the opportunity Dyna had given me is exceptionally tremendous. In the first place, I found out about the fundamental information of an offering procedure, later the venture adjusting execution, and after that the most energizing part is the hands-on ventures. Relatively few organizations offer an assistant or a student to complete a hands-on work, yet in Dyna, there are a great deal of chances for it.

Undergoing industrial training for almost 7 months at Dyna Segmen was the most memorable experience for me. Handling projects given by the company as well as the preparing the report that required by UTP at the same time made my life miserable. I cannot describe the feeling when I was given the trust to handle projects and tenders. The company trained me to be a real engineer. They took risks when they assigned me projects. The tasks were very critical and high risks as it involved company’s money and reputations. But I did my best and I am glad that I was able to cope with all the challenges and solved it in different ways. These experiences helped me to become more mature in handling problems and improved my soft skills when dealing with clients and contractors. The most important was the exposure that I had raised the level of my self-confidence and excellence in work ethics.

Other than profession, Dyna additionally furnished me with an amazing occasion trip. I had the opportunity to go for company trip which was in Sabah. Other than that, the associates have been genuinely useful and strong in work. Nasrul, the task director has thought me numerous abilities including specialized and delicate aptitudes. He has guided me to be more sure and firm on what we stand. Also, the other Dyna and Consurv staff who are so friendly and made my journey in the company joyful. The working environment as well as their openness in accepting me into the company made me feel that I belong to the Dyna’s family and no difference from them. Taking everything into account, Dyna is a superb and noteworthy place for an understudy to pursue their internship training with due to the introduction and experience they offered is genuinely colossal.

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