Mohd Zairul Mohammad Zin

When I accepted the internship at Dyna Segmen, I knew I was about to go through an adventure. Why? Because I knew I would experience a remarkable occurrence since I had no idea what an engineer would do. It was a noteworthy three months as I have learned a lot in the engineering scope not to forget the things that we did not acquire in school which really improved my communication skills that will really avail me in my future undertakings. In this company, we are expected to do things independently. Staffs and interns are treated equally without discernment and maturely between each other. Tasks are given with the expectation of completing them with our full effort and best quality. This has given me an insight, how the company works from top to bottom, from management to the commercial trait of the company

I could recall going through tenders, procurements, and would like to thank the senior staffs, especially, Nas, Amir, and Zihan for the guidance they enlightened me. From that, I have improved myself in terms of time and effort savvy. Not to mention, from the mistakes we made, we are able to recognize what are the things to avoid and the things to choose in the future. Trust me, form mistakes we experience the best, with the knowledge, the error is less.

Apart from that, I have also seen that in the company, everyone is treated as a one big family. Although the work force is not that big, the bonds and camaraderie are vividly displayed on everyone. The interaction is really close. I noticed how everyone asks each other where to have lunch, it was a really great environment, almost family like. All in all, with every hardship comes ease. Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Faiz who has given me a chance to join Dyna Segmen and made me experienced this venture.

Mohd Zairul Mohammad Zin

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