Mohd Ariff B. Mohd Tahir

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me he possibility to join the company, especially Mr. Faiz Hussin presently Director of both Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd & Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd for taking me in. It has been a great pleasure working with you, Mrs Nur Hafizah Raziff, Corporate Affair Manager for the time she spent easing my internship process. I have furthermore to thank Mr Nasrul Anuar, Project Manager for sharing his technical experience and also for his support during my internship here with the company. Not forgetting Mr Sohpian Ariffin, Business Development Manager for guidance & kind words on office and life experiences and my fellow comrades from UTP that supported me along the way.

It has been such a valuable experience working with the company. The workforce may not be that big, but the bonds and interaction between staffs are much closer, almost family like. The environment was very fun and exciting. The training also gave me the opportunity to learn at root level how a company operates. From administration to the business aspect of the company, I have actively participated in the process. I remembered going through numerous tenders, screening and registration process and I was lucky to have guidance form the senior staffs here in the company.

Here in the company you are expected to handle te projects independently, the company does not discriminate between interns and staffs. You are treated like an adult and you are expected to perform the task equally. Among my biggest project was for the Sarawak Shell Piasau School installation. With help from Mr Faiz, I proceeded to search for the suppliers, liaised with different companies from Malaysia and also overseas to complete this quarter million ringgit project. I met personally with the vendors, went to their site and ensured the whole process was running smoothly. From documentation to financial and also the technical aspect of the tender, I handled it by myself. It greatly increased my confidence level to interact with other company representative and also their superior.

Furthermore, I was also involved in site visit and coating projects in numerous plants & refineries. Segari Power Plant (both of Malakoff Berhad, Power Industry), PETRONAS Ammonia Sdn Bhd (Oil & Gas Industry), PLUS highway (Civil Industry) to mention a few. This gave me the opportunity to visit refineries and plant even though I was working in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, I also managed to experience working in suck places. I was also sent for Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training (BOSET) for offshore preparation. Unfortunately, my trip to offshore platforms was cancelled due to problems on the client side.

Besides work, we went for company trips to White water rafting & Frasier Hill, Pulau Kapas, bowling, eat outs and also movie nights. This truly made us felts as one family. We shared our joys and laughter as a family, a family that I was proud to be apart. I saddens me to think of the great time I have spent with the company, and I wish future staffs will be able to experience what I have experience for the past eight months with the company.

Mohd Ariff B. Mohd Tahir
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