Izzat Haziq

My sincere gratitude goes to Dyna Segmen where Dyna has provided a great platform for me to
build my character and opened up my mind to the overview of the Oil & Gas Industry. As a future Chemical Engineer, it has always been my intention to do my internship program at a company where I could gain as much experience as possible in the Oil & Gas industry and one of the best decisions that I have made in my entire life was doing my internship at Dyna.

My internship experience at Dyna was priceless, I have gained tremendous knowledge and valuable experience and enhanced my soft skills. The pressure and hardship that I have been through has taught me well on multitasking and also in my time management. In addition, the working environment was cheerful with flexible working hours. All the staffs are very experienced and friendly, and they are more than happy to assist whenever I require guidance.

I would like to thank boss, which I inspire the most which has given me a chance to join Dyna
Segmen and believing in me. Dear Nas, thank you for all your support and guidance, I have learnt so much from you, your guidance has really brought out the potential in me. To all other DynaConsurv staffs especially to Vin, Pain, Nabil, Jihan, Nisa, Zahir, Linda, Mina and Fariz, I would like to thank you all for your kindly support. You are all amazing co-worker, I will never forget all the things you have done for me.

I am very thankful and appreciate every moment I have in Dyna Consurv and I will always wish DynaConsurv all the best and hope to become the most reliable Oil and Gas company in Malaysia.

Izzat Haziq
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