Adeb Izham


For the past 3 months of my internship at Dyna Consurv, surely a lot of new things that I have learnt and gained here. Working life was totally different with the student life. During my first day here, I have no idea or background related in the oil and gas industry or even working experiences. However, as time passed by for almost 3 months, the learning process keep going week by week and quite step. The outputs that I have absorbed keep increasing day by day even without I realised it. Starting from the fundamental knowledge of oil and gas industry in Malaysia till the project management process, site visit and many more. The willingness to learn and be able to work independently was the key ingredient to survive.  The experience that I have obtained here has taught me to build my character as a whole. 

On the other hand, special thanks for the all the kind staffs here who have been very nice and helpful. The teamwork and cooperation showed by all staffs were incredible. In addition, big thanks for my fearless supervisor, Nasrul Annuar for the advice and ultimate guidance throughout my time here. Special attribute also dedicated to Vin, Pain, Nisa, Fuad, Aqeelah, Wani, Zul, Ada and other staffs for the coaching, assistance and supervision. On top of that, very grateful to have such a good leader and boss, Mr Faiz for the enlightenment, guidelines, inspiration and advice. Thank you again for all the memories.

Adeb Izham
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