First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Faiz Hussin, who has given me the opportunity to learn as an intern in Dyna Segmen. Not to forget, my supervisor as well, Mr. Nasrul for guiding me always and being so supportive. I would like to thank the staff and senior interns that I have met in Dyna Segmen too. All these people were extremely helpful and did not hesitate to provide me guidance whenever I needed it.

Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd was a very interesting company, where I am so grateful to be able to intern in. The interns are treated as staff, and not belittled, but provided opportunity to learn and grow. We as interns are given actual projects and tasks which are extremely beneficial to us as it allows us to learn through the process. We are taught to think outside the box and any problem always has a solution.

I have also managed to meet many different types of people from various backgrounds through Dyna Segmen, which taught me more about life. All the exposure and tasks has also taught me a lot more about the Oil and Gas industry than what I knew. I came into Dyna Segmen, as a fresh new student, yet to experience the labours of work, and I exited Dyna Segmen, as an experienced intern, ready to take on my final year, and the job market after graduation. I could never have been more grateful. Thank you Dyna Segmen!

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