Leroy Wong

I could still recall clearly, “If you’re from ACS (Anglo Chinese School), I would take you in immediately!” told Mr Faiz during the walk-in interview in my university. Being a Michaelian (student from St. Michael’s Ipoh), I knew I had to defend myself as well as my alma mater. Well, that was the main topic for discussion for the interview.

Often, people came to me and asked what do I do as an internee here in Dyna Segmen. And more often, they would be surprised with my reply, “I’m an engineer here”, while handing my name card to them. Yes, indeed internees here are different compared to internees from other companies. We are to take responsibilities of our own in handling and managing projects, with the supervision of senior engineers. If I were to share my whole experience in Dyna Segmen, I would need at least days or even weeks to relate them to others.

Hence, I would say that I’ve had one the best experience and exposure to the working environment, which is the main objective of undergoing internship. I guess it wouldn’t be too much if I were to say I am now trained to do everything from A to Z for project management. I’ve had and experience healthy working environment, helpful colleagues and an ever caring supervisor cum mentor. What else could I ask for, for the duration of eight months?

Thank you, Dyna Segmen and all the staffs, for hostility given to me throughout the 32 weeks of internship. Special thanks to Mr Faiz, the director of Dyna Segmen for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the ever growing company. Without him, god knows where would be undergoing my industrial training. He has led the team of engineers and company to greater heights and trained each and every one of the internees.

Last but not least, all the very best to Dyna Segmen in the future, with everyone contributing; it would be a major player in the field of oil and gas.


Leroy Wong
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