Lee Keng Huai

Lee Kuang Hai

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Friday the 10th marked the last day of my internships and I was truly sad to leave. The past 8 months have not only been fun, they have been an incredible learning experience. I got to be part of the small family team in both Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic. The work in here was fun and interesting in and of itself and am really excited to see how I have turn out after going back to university.

Still remember the very first month of my internship, I was invited to join my new company for a company vacation. I was excited and proud because there was no other company that I knew would offer the new interns for vacation. On the trip, we went to Sg Selangor for water rafting and Bukit Frasier. At the beginning I still feel a little awkward because of going out trip with unfamiliar faces but those feeling only last for 3 minutes of my trip. The weird feeling quickly turned to be an excited happy and fun feeling, the excitement continues even we are back from the trip till the last day of my internship. I learnt a lot together with countless of new jokes. I gained a lot wright too due to the regular Karipap and Goreng Pisang intake during my tea break time.

The facilities and treatment were unbelievable – we often have our movie night, chat, snooker, and bowling session during our break time. So, wondering what is the next day activities will next thing in my mind every night before I go work the next morning.

This internship was a great experience. It was a real pleasure to work in both companies at the same time. I could work with nice people in a good atmosphere. Carrying out this internship in different type of people allows me to be immersed in a different culture and face the problem of living and working entirely in non-varsity environment. I met several interesting people in and out of the plant such as general manager, contractors but also people not connected with science.

Apart from working I became very much attached to Mr Faiz, my boss as well as my mentor, and I will remember him and the rest of the family.

Lee Keng Huai
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