Jason Jimbun

In here, I am happily saying that having a chance to undergo my internship in DynaConsurv. It is the most memorable and the best things that ever happened in my undergraduate journeys. I am glad that I went for the interview and accepted the offer letter as I am always curious and eager to know the path that an engineer walked in Oil and Gas industry. For more than 7 months (Sept-Dec 2019) I am embarked my journeys, the task and workload was never failed to intrigue, test and challenged me. It was eye opening experience and I learnt where my best virtue and strength lies.

In DynaConsurv, interns treated as real-time working engineer, even given a business card. My job description majority is project management, however it can be rather vast; from, procurement engineering, liaise with contractor, dealing with clients, project executer and even became a wireman installing cable in the same time. It was vast spectrums yet stiff learning curves. I am happy that I am too involved and doing all of this. Other than that, what I love about DynaConsurv working cultures is the ability of its leaders and staffs changing workplace environment into interactive, fun and proactive vibes. With mentor and mentee system, it provided aid for newly joint intern to flourish and through time they able to work independently with minimal supervising.

From all of the projects, my most memorable working experience would be project in Petronas Station Rawang R&R, implementation of Face and Vehicle CCTV Recognition for Petronas Dagangan Berhad. I was in-charged on electrical design of power source of CCTV. This includes design of single-line diagram, cable layouts and components selection for the project. It is all fore mentioned are new to me, however I found it exciting process to completed it with limited time. Throughout this project, I believe the most satisfying parts is when the teams able to matched client’s expectation and make it into realization as well as learning something new in the same time. The whole experience teaches me insights to prepare for plans A, B and other 24 alphabets to face all kinds of setbacks, nurturing perseverance and be brilliant in providing the best possible ideas.

Finally, I offer my gratitude to Boss, Mr. Faiz for giving me all of opportunities, resources, tasks and projects that he entrusted to me which has improved myself in many ways. I also extend my gratitude to also Mr. Nasrul who has guide me through for the first 2 weeks. To Mr. Fariz, whom I could never show enough gratitude as he has been there as my mentors, and my friend, that have showed me the ways of businesses guiding me patiently and continuously assisting me in all manners; inside of office and out. For all the staffs, to Mr. Freddy, Mr. Sila, Mr. Othman, Ms. Farahain, Mr. Vinesh, Mr. Fuad, Ms. Aisyah Mrs. Aqeelah, Mr. Vemon, Mr. Rozihan, Ms. Linda Ms. Khairunnisa Ms. Safina, Mr. Azfar, Mr. Zahir, thank you for the becoming friends and colleague that continuously shared knowledges and spent time both ins and outs of office. Lastly, I am sincerely grateful to have such a cooperative team in this company which comprises of all my intern colleagues which is mostly from UTP as well other from other collage Dharmesh, Zafran, Puviin, Ira, Jannah, Affiqaz, Izzat, and Madihah for always being a good teammate in accomplishing any task given by the company to us.

Jason Jimbun
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