Iylia Hani Binti Rostam

Iylia Hani Binti Rostam

Business Information System

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

My first internship experience has been very useful in increasing my confident and my thinking skill.The accounting internship has greatly broadened my knowledge in financial matter. My internship companies are Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd and Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd. Both companies are involved with the oil and gas industry.

Based on my experience, these companies are not a big company like ExxonMobil, Shell or like other giant company. But the experiences that I gained is more than I got rather other students who take their internship at those companies.

Basically I’ve learned a lot where I involved in almost all matters. For example I involved with financial matters, human resource, database, installation, documentation and other. Some of my friends did not gain the experience as what I gained. This is because their supervisors or their top management already set for them what are the activities they should involved in.

The environment of this company is also flexible where if you come early to office then you can go back early and vice versa. The staffs and students are also very close but we still have professional border where we have to maintain. My supervisor treat us all the same, if I do something wrong then he will advise me same like to others. So from his advice, I always be as positive as I can because I know he wants me to be successful.

This company also organizes family day, where we got to know each other better. So far, I have been to two family days and those two are very memorable. These family days are also an orientation session for the new interns. The most memorable family day that I joined with company is trip to the Kapas Island. We joined the activity together, eat together and everything is together. We are like a big family where we share everything together.

My supervisor also trust on me. As what I learned it is hard to gain someone to trust us in short time, but not for this company. With just a few months at this company, I already learned the financial matter, the confidential matter and others. Before I choose Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd as my internship place, I already went to an interview at Permanis Company where the human resources manager told me that I will not learn all the details especially the confidential matter. So it’s very different from Consurv Technic.

The new environment also taught me to be independent and also to work hard. There is huge different between working environment and study environment. In study environment, we have a text book to refer to, but in working environment we need the creative thinking in order to find the solution of the problem. Fortunately, if I cant find the solution I will refer to my supervisor or other staff as my last option.

Sometimes, the task that my supervisor gives me are a lot and needs to be settled in a short time. So what I learned is time management. Time management is very important in order to meet the dateline. So every task we get, we cannot delay it. W hen we manage our time wisely we will make our self more organized. This is very important to make sure that everything goes with the flow based on what we set up.

The other things that I learnt at this company are to work hard and not to give up. This is what I adore my supervisor. No matter how big the problems, he will try his best to solve the problem. For example, financial matter. As our company has many jobs and tenders  to be completed, we need a lot of capital to fund each job. One of the major problems is late payment from clients where it actually affects our financial matter. So what my supervisor did was, he will try his best to find the capital either from his saving money, bank loan and other. This is why I adore because he will not give up that easy.

I am also given the opportunity to join BOSET training which it is for offshore passport. Some of the companies will not allow the business students or information systems to join this program but my company allowed me to join this program. This is one of the new thing I try and also it gives me more credit compare with other student.

As a conclusion, all the experienced that I gained from this both companies taught me to be independent, to be creative thinker, responsible, not afraid to try new things and work hard to get what I want. Not only I learnt a lot of new things but indirectly help me to be a well rounded person.



Iylia Hani Binti Rostam
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