Huzaifa Tawfeiq Ahmed Izzeldin

Huzaifa Tawfeig Ahmed

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Doing practical training for 32 weeks with a well recognized company is part of UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS policy. The program aims to produce well-rounded engineers who are able to perform well in any international or local company. As an international student in Malaysia I had the opportunity to work in CONSURV TECHNIC SDN BHD.


Before I start my training with CONSURV, I was focusing on learning technical knowledge about electrical engineering only. However after I joined the company I learn that there are other skills that I must master besides the technical knowledge. Skills such communication skills, knowledge about other engineering fields, soft skills, accounting skills and even thinking outside the box were all founded in the company training program. They have facilitated me all the way and shared with me how to become well-rounded engineer who has other skills and knowledge besides electrical knowledge.

Most importantly all the work I have involved in with CONSURV, was all done in a fun environment. This technique that the company follows help to release all the stress that staff members faced in their projects. Yet the entire staff members were focused on the job. I can say that the company is growing fast towards becoming one of the leading companies in oil and gas industry. Really, I consider myself lucky to find a position in this company and I hope their program in providing training placement for students continue and it keeps improving.

Huzaifa Tawfeiq Ahmed Izzeldin
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